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If you’re looking for a quality underfloor heating installation in St Neots, or even in nearby Huntingdon and Cambridge, then look no further than A1 Plumbers St Neots. Our underfloor heating specialists have been providing top-notch heating and plumbing services throughout Cambridgeshire, including professional service in floor heating installation, for over 10 years. As a company in St Neots, we’re proud to offer underfloor heating solutions in St Neots tailored to both homes and commercial properties. With every new heating system we install, we ensure minimal disruption, making it perfect for both new build projects and refurbishments. Continue reading to discover how A1 Plumbers St Neots can assist you with your underfloor heating in St Neots project.

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Why Choose Underfloor Heating?

As central heating solutions in St Neots and surrounding areas like Peterborough, St Ives, and Biggleswade evolve, traditional radiators and other conventional methods are being replaced by local underfloor heating services. The benefits of underfloor heating go beyond just warmth. Here are some of the compelling reasons to consider installing a new underfloor system:

Even distribution of heat

Say goodbye to cold spots that some traditional heating systems might leave. With our dedicated heating services and expertise in heating and plumbing, we guarantee an even warmth per square metre.

 Energy efficiency

Wet underfloor heating systems, especially water underfloor heating systems, can be connected to a new boiler or a heat pump, either a ground source heat pump or an LPG system. This ensures lower operating costs and better air quality. The system’s ability to operate at lower temperatures compared to traditional radiators further enhances its efficiency.

Space saving

Minimise the need for bulky equipment. Underfloor heating installed takes less space than traditional methods. They are discreet, making them a favourite for many property owners not just in St Neots, but also in areas like Peterborough and the east of England.


Whether it’s water or electric systems, underfloor heating can be installed under various flooring types. Warm water systems are compatible with both hydronic in-floor cooling and source heat pump systems.

Healthier air

Improve air quality by not circulating dust and allergens, offering a significant advantage over forced-air systems.


The radiant heat from below feels natural and warm, much like the sun’s rays, offering heating without the discomfort of cold drafts or stuffy dry air.

St Neots underfloor heating specialists
St Neots underfloor heating solutions

Zone control

Different zones can be controlled independently, allowing homeowners to customize temperatures for different rooms or areas, thus maximising comfort.

Home value

Having underfloor heating installed can add value and sellability to your St Neots home and those in neighbouring regions like Biggleswade and St Ives. It’s a sought-after feature for potential buyers.

Quiet operation

No noisy fans or HVAC systems to disturb your peace. The system is practically silent and ensures a reliable service.


With underfloor heating services, there’s less risk of burns since the floor never gets dangerously hot, making it ideal for homes with children or the elderly.

 Cleanliness & low maintenance

Say goodbye to dusty radiators or dirty forced-air registers. Underfloor heating systems help reduce allergens and require minimal upkeep, showcasing their low maintenance benefits.

Clearly, there are numerous advantages to underfloor heating in terms of comfort, efficiency, and aesthetics, making it a top choice for those considering installing a new heating system.

 Types of Underfloor Heating Systems

There are two primary systems our underfloor heating specialists recommend: water-based underfloor heating and electric underfloor heating. Whether you’re a single room homeowner or manage a commercial and domestic property, our services cater to both.

A1 Plumber St Neots Loose Wire Systems
  • Water-Based Underfloor Heating

    This is the most common and cost-effective type. It circulates hot water through plastic pipes laid out in loops under the floor. The pipes are connected to a boiler or heat source. We'll help you choose the right size and layout for your rooms.

  • Wet Screed Systems

    This involves laying hot water pipes directly into a screed (cement mixture) that is poured on top of your concrete subfloor. The screed conducts and radiates heat efficiently. However, installation of underfloor heating is messy, and you cannot walk on the floor for 1-2 weeks during curing.

Electric Underfloor Heating

Instead of hot water, electric systems use heating cables or mats under the floors which are powered by electricity. They are better suited to smaller spaces like bathrooms. Electric systems can also provide supplemental heating to water-based systems.

Our engineers will recommend the best underfloor system for your unique St Neots property after thoroughly evaluating your floor plans and layout.

St Neots Water Based Underfloor Heating
St Neots Energy efficiency
  •  Staple Up Systems

    Pipes or cables are secured to the underside of your existing floor using specialized staples or clips. This is a quick and easy retrofit solution that doesn't require pouring screed. However, heat transfer to the floor surface may be reduced.

  •  Floating Floor Systems

    Used where excavation is not an option. It involves laying down insulation between the concrete floor and buried pipes. The finished floor floats above the insulation. This type needs thick floors for sufficient heat radiation.

  •  Loose Wire Systems

    Ideal for irregular floor layouts. Heating cables are laid freely underneath the floor without any fixation. This allows for custom, room-specific designs. But cables can shift so they require careful installation.

A1 Plumber St Neots underfloor heating system

The Underfloor Heating
Installation Process

Installing an underfloor heating system is intricate, but with our professional service, we promise minimal disruption, whether it’s a piped underfloor heating system or an electric one. From start to finish, your project is in safe hands with A1 Plumbers St Neots.

Planning and Design

First, we’ll survey your property and floors to map out the ideal pipe or cable layout. Factors considered include floor area, heat loss, and your heating requirements. Custom plans ensure efficient coverage.

Installation and Testing

Next, our technicians will install the underfloor system according to the agreed design. This may involve screeding, stapling, or floating. All components are pressure tested before the flooring is laid.

 Floor Coverings

We’ll then prepare the floor area and lay your chosen floor finish, whether that’s tiles, wood, or carpet. The finished flooring should not restrict heat emission.

Commissioning and Control

Finally, we’ll commission the system, going through the boiler and thermostat controls with you. Zone control options are available if required.

 Refurbishments and Retrofits

For existing properties, we offer complete refurbishment services involving the lifting of current floors and installation of new underfloor heating.

Our expert engineers handle your project with care from start to finish, keeping disruption to a minimum. Let us take the hassle out of upgrading to underfloor heating.

A1 Plumber St Neots Floating Floor Systems

Underfloor Heating
Installation Costs

The cost of installing underfloor heating can vary greatly depending on these key factors:

A1 Plumber St Neots Wet Screed Systems
  • Type of system

    Electric systems tend to be more expensive than water systems. Staple up fixes also cost less than wet screed.

  • Floor area and layout 

    The greater the floor space requiring underfloor pipes/cables, the higher the overall costs. Complex floor plans also raise costs.

  • Controls

    Zone controls and smart thermostats provide greater functionality but at an added upfront cost.

  • Additional work needed

    If your existing floor needs to be removed or levelled, this adds extra expense to the installation.

  • Time of year

    Installations during colder months when demand rises tend to be higher. Off-season pricing is more competitive.

  • Location

    Accessibility and ease of installation affects regional pricing across the UK. Rural areas can cost more.

A1 Plumber St Neots Electric Underfloor Heating
A1 Plumber St Neots Staple Up Systems
  • Chosen contractor

    Our fair pricing balances affordability and quality. National chains often inflate costs.

At A1 Plumbers St Neots, we offer free, no-obligation quotes for your unique underfloor heating requirements. Get in touch to discuss your budget and the options available. Quality needn’t cost the earth with our services.

Why Choose
A1 Plumbers St Neots?

We’re not just another company in St Neots; we are a team dedicated to providing heat solutions tailored for both homes and commercial properties. Our reputation as underfloor heating specialists in the east of England has been built over a decade.

Local reputation

We’re the leading plumbing specialists that St Neots homeowners trust time and again for our quality.

Underfloor heating focus

We have specialized training and vast experience specifically with underfloor heating installation and maintenance.

Bespoke solutions

Every customer gets a custom-designed heating system tailored to their home’s needs.

Exceptional quality

From top brand materials to expert workmanship, we don’t cut corners.

Fully accredited

Our underfloor heating engineers are Gas Safe registered for complete peace of mind.

Prompt emergency service

As a local company, we can quickly respond to any system issues 24/7.

Money-back guarantee

We stand by our installations 100% – or your money back!

For a quality underfloor heating system you can rely on for years to come, look no further than the pros at A1 Plumbers St Neots. Get in touch for a free quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions

A1 Plumber St Neots warm floors

How long does underfloor heating last?

With proper installation and maintenance, an underfloor heating system should last upwards of 25 years. Some last 50+ years.

Can you install underfloor heating upstairs?

Yes, underfloor heating works well upstairs. Extra insulation is added to prevent heat loss to rooms below.

What maintenance is required?

Minimal maintenance is needed beyond annual checks and water pressure/filter changes. We offer maintenance contracts.

What floor coverings can I use?

Most types of flooring are compatible including tile, stone, wood, and carpet. Avoid thick rugs and insulation.

Can underfloor heating be zoned?

Yes, we can install separate thermostatic controls for different zones or rooms. This customizes temperatures.

How much does an underfloor heating system cost to run?

It’s typically 60% more efficient than radiators. Reduced running costs range from £200-£400 depending on usage.

When can I walk on the
floor after installation?

Curing times range from 1-4 weeks. Flooring can then be laid for immediate use.

Underfloor heating repairs, new installations, or even consulting on replacing traditional systems, A1 Plumbers St Neots stands out as the preferred service provider throughout Cambridgeshire. For a way to heat your property that offers comfort, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal, there’s no better choice than our underfloor heating solutions in St Neots. Many thanks, Scott, and the team at A1 Plumbers, for consistently delivering exceptional service to our customers. We are always happy to arrange a consultation, discuss your project, and ensure your complete satisfaction. Contact us today!

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