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A1 Plumbers St Neots provides the best installation, repair, and servicing of central heating systems in St Neots. From malfunctioning boilers to faulty radiators, we have the expertise to fix them all. Although we ensure proper installation of the best central heating systems, no element of your system will be completely invincible. As such, we offer professional central heating repair and servicing to maintain peak performance of central heating systems. We undertake boiler repairs and installations regularly, so give our team a call today!

Our goal is to ensure that you have a powerful and efficient central heating system in your property. Although a central heating system makes life comfortable, it’s easy to take it for granted. In fact, most people think about their central heating systems when they break down. Scheduling regular maintenance of your central heating unit with us enables you to avoid disruption of comfort in your home. Give our heating engineers a call today.

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Nothing is more frustrating than having a faulty central heating system. It disrupts comfort in your home while denying you peace of mind. When this system malfunctions, you can have a freezing house. Basically, a malfunctioned central heating system can be a nightmare for your family.

At A1 Plumbers St Neots, we have trained and accredited central heating system engineers. These offer a wide range of repairs for central heating units across St Neots. Our engineers will diagnose and fix any fault of your central heating system safely, efficiently and professionally.

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Among the central heating problems that we fix include:

Note: We have fixed these and other problems of central heating systems in St Neots for years. Our technicians know how to diagnose and fix these problems safely and efficiently. Trust us to pinpoint and fix the problem of your central heating quickly regardless of its type.

Central Heating Maintenance, Repair and Servicing

Just like a vehicle, a central heating system requires regular tune-ups. Neglecting central heating maintenance will decrease its efficiency and lifespan. It can even make your system a safety hazard. Ideally, your system should be inspected by a certified professional at least once every year.

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Benefits of a Routine Inspection

Routine inspection and maintenance of your central heating ensures that emerging problems are spotted before they become full-blown emergencies. Cleaning the key components of your system on a regular basis will maintain its efficiency and quality indoor air.


The maintenance procedures of a central heating system depend on its type. Thus, whether you have a hydronic system, forced-air pump or air pump will determine its maintenance procedures. Nevertheless, central heating maintenance should be performed at least twice a year to ensure its optimal performance regardless of the system type.

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Essentially, our central heating maintenance entails inspection, repair, and upgrade of several parts of the system. Regular maintenance enables you to have a high quality, efficient system. Our central heating system engineers have the expertise to perform comprehensive maintenance of your system and maintain its peak performance. 

Note:  We are a multi-skilled team of bathroom fitters in St Neots. Basically, no bathroom job is too small, too big, or too complex for us. We work on cloakrooms, wet rooms, and even en-suite rooms.

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Benifits of Central Heating

Regular central heating servicing keeps it performance at its peak. It maintains the efficiency of the system while enhancing its lifespan. Once you hire us to service your unit, you reduce fuel bills and the risks of expensive call out fees when breakdowns occur. Most manufacturers recommend annual servicing of both oil and gas equipment. This is also a condition for the guarantee provided by most manufacturers.

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Call us for:

  • Radiant heating

  • Boiler repair

  • Steam heating

  • Hydronic heating

Don’t wait for troubles or issues to arise in your central heating unit to schedule repairs. Instead, let us service your unit to maintain its peak performance and enhance its longevity. Our technicians have serviced different types of heating systems in Neots and exceeded the expectations of clients. Be confident that your central heating system will be in the right hands once you hire us to service it.

Power Flushing

Are there cold spots on your radiators? If yes, you could be having sludge in your radiators. Sludge tends to build up on radiators after some time leading to heat loss. If you don’t have the problem fixed as soon as possible, your central heating system will need a costly repair or if you wait too long will completely ruin the system entirely.

Schedule a power flush appointment with us if you notice the following:

Our central heating engineers are ready to power flush your central heating and leave your radiators functioning at their full capacity. Just give us a call anytime to request a free, no obligation power flush estimate.

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  • Radiators taking too long to warm up

  • Cold spots on the radiators

  • Noisy pipes or boiler

  • Cutting out boiler

  • Black sludge after bleeding radiators

Note: Our central heating engineers connect special equipment for flushing out sludge and materials which could be blocking the system. We also add a powerful cleaner and then flush the entire system till the water which comes out of the system is clean.
To make your central heating unit more cost-effective, schedule a power flush appointment with us today.

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Don’t wait for your central heating to develop a problem to call experts to have a look at it. Your central heating requires regular maintenance and servicing to serve optimally and longer. Without a properly functioning central heating system, you will need a bundle of blankets to keep warm. Generally, keeping your system in proper shape is the surest way to maintain the comfort of your home. That’s why you should schedule repair, servicing and maintenance of your central heating system with experts more often after installation.

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