10 Tools Plumbers Use To Unblock Drains in the UK

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Are blocked drains causing a major headache? Not to worry, UK plumbers have a range of tools to take on even the toughest clogs. From a reliable plunger to high-tech sewer camera inspections, these specialists know exactly what it takes to keep your pipes running smoothly.

This article will explore ten essential tools plumbers use to unclog drains in the UK. Whether it’s a basic blockage or a hidden issue deep inside your pipes, these tools are designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

So, make yourself a cup of tea and get ready to explore the world of drain unclogging. A1 Plumbers will look at classic favorites like the plunger and drain snake, as well as powerful choices like hydro jetting and sewer camera inspections. With these tools, you’ll be equipped with knowledge (and maybe a few laughs) as you navigate the world of plumbing problem-solving.

Let’s get started!

The Plunger: A Traditional Drain Unblocker

If you want a fast and reliable way to unblock your drains, the plunger is the solution for you! Plumbers love using this classic tool to tackle stubborn clogs.

The rubber suction cup creates a strong seal around the drain, allowing you to apply the necessary force and remove any blockages. It works by creating pressure changes to push air or water through the pipe, clearing away debris.

The best thing about plungers is that they are affordable and easy to use – perfect for DIY enthusiasts and those looking to save on plumbing costs.

So, the next time you encounter a difficult clog, grab your plunger and give it a good plunge! You’ll be amazed at how quickly it can unblock your drains while having a bit of fun in the process.

Drain Snake: Versatile and Effective for Persistent Blockages

When it comes to dealing with those annoying blockages, you can’t go wrong with a reliable drain snake – it’s the hero of removing clogs! This versatile tool is perfect for tough clogs that a plunger may struggle with.

The drain snake, also known as an auger, is a long flexible cable with a hook or blade at the end. It works by inserting the cable into the drain and rotating it to break up and remove the clog.

Whether it’s hair, food particles, or other debris causing the blockage, the drain snake can handle it all. Using a drain snake not only effectively gets rid of clogs, but it can also be quite satisfying – there’s something oddly fulfilling about pulling out that gunk from your pipes!

So if you’re faced with a stubborn clog, don’t hesitate to call upon your reliable drain snake for some heroic unclogging action!

Drain Auger: A Powerful Tool for Clearing Blockages

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of effortlessly clearing stubborn blockages with the powerful force of a drain auger. This tool is an absolute game-changer when it comes to unclogging drains. It’s like having your own personal superhero that can tackle even the toughest blockages with ease.

The beauty of a drain auger lies in its design – a long, flexible cable fitted with a spiral or corkscrew-shaped end that grabs onto whatever is causing the blockage and pulls it out. It’s like a magic trick, but instead of pulling rabbits out of hats, you’re pulling out nasty gunk and debris from your drains.

With a drain auger in hand, you’ll feel like you possess incredible power – able to conquer any clog that dares to stand in your way!

Hydro Jetting: High-Pressure Water to Blast Away Blockages

Experience the power of hydro jetting – a technique that uses high-pressure water to remove stubborn blockages and keep your drains flowing perfectly. It’s exactly what your pipes need!

Hydro jetting is a potent tool that plumbers can use to clear various types of clogs, such as grease, hair, and mineral deposits. This method is not for the faint-hearted; it’s for those who desire effective results!

Imagine unleashing a stream of water that can reach pressures of up to 4,000 PSI, effortlessly eliminating any obstruction in its path. And the best part? Hydro jetting is completely safe for your pipes and environmentally friendly too.

Bid farewell to frustrating clogs and welcome unrestricted drainage with hydro jetting!

Sewer Camera Inspection: Diagnosing and Solving Hidden Drain Issues

Sewer camera inspection is a revolutionary approach to addressing hidden drain issues. It allows you to see what is really happening in your pipes and take appropriate action.

Here’s an astonishing fact: 73% of drain problems arise from sneaky tree roots infiltrating your plumbing system. However, with a sewer camera inspection, you can witness these roots in action and put an end to their destructive behavior. It’s like being a detective with a funny twist!

This invaluable tool enables homeowners to confront potential disasters by discovering any clogs or damage hidden beneath the surface. Don’t let these concealed drain issues go unnoticed – get a sewer camera and become the saviour of your plumbing system!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a plumber charge for using a plunger to unblock drains?

Plumbers usually charge between £80 and £150 to unclog drains using a plunger.

Introducing their secret weapon, the powerful plunger! This plunger has suction and a forceful plunging action that can effectively tackle even the most stubborn clogs.

If your drain is experiencing issues, don’t hesitate to call a plumber and let them work their plunging magic!

Are drain snakes safe to use on all types of pipes?

Yes, drain snakes can be used on most types of pipes. They are designed to break up and remove blockages, but it is important to choose the correct size and type of snake for your pipe material to prevent any damage. So go ahead and let the drain snake do its job! Even though it may not be the most thrilling task, it can be an enjoyable experience!

Can a drain auger also be used to unblock toilets?

Yes, a drain auger can be used to unblock toilets. It is a highly useful tool that can handle different types of blockages. The spiral end of the auger can break up and eliminate stubborn clogs in the toilet drain pipe. Ensure to use a specialised auger with a protective coating to avoid scratching the porcelain.

Therefore, feel free to provide your toilet with the finest treatment and bid farewell to those clogs!

Is hydro jetting suitable for all types of blockages, including tree roots?

Hydro jetting is a highly effective technique for cleaning drains, capable of tackling even the most stubborn blockages. Picture this: your obstructed drain is akin to a dense jungle, with roots winding their way through the pipes. Hydro jetting involves summoning a team of firefighters armed with high-pressure water hoses to forcefully dislodge the debris and clear the way. This method is potent, efficient, and restores your drains to their unobstructed state!

How much is the average cost of a sewer camera inspection?

On average, a sewer camera inspection can cost between £150 and £300. However, the price can vary depending on factors such as the location and complexity of the job.

A sewer camera is a valuable tool that enables plumbers to identify clogs, leaks, or other problems located deep within your drains. It’s almost like discovering the hidden world of your plumbing system!

Therefore, don’t hesitate to have your drains examined – it’s worth every penny for peace of mind and potentially avoiding unnecessary repairs in the future.

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